In the list of various social media platforms, Facebook has acquired a special position. One gets to connect with their friends, family and loved person via this platform. However, it is true that users, from time to time, keep on encountering technical problems, and so they put up questions like how to delete Facebook business page or add admin to the Facebook page. To delete your Page, you must follow and apply the steps and instructions that are explained here. You can read this blog, and so you will able to add admin to the Facebook page. Just check out to know more.

How to add someone as an admin on your Facebook Page?

To add, you are supposed to follow and apply a few important steps and instructions. You can check out the instructions carefully here and seek an answer to all your questions without any fuss.

·    In the beginning, you must move to the settings tab, which is located at the top of your Page.

·    Then, you must click on page roles.

·    And then, in the assign a new page role section, you can start typing the name of the person that you want to assign the Page to.

·    Now, soon a drop-down menu will appear, and then you will get the suggestions, and then you can choose the person you want from there.

·    Then, you can click the menu that is next to their name and then select the admin option.

·    Soon a reminder will pop up which would say, 'if you are adding a new admin to your pages'

·    You can now click on add once you do have the right name.

·    Facebook will soon prompt you to re-enter your password.

·    Under existing page roles, the person's name will show up with a red pending message that is next to it.

·    Now, once the person receives the notification, they can simply accept, and their role will show up under the 'existing page roles' section.

·    Soon this will show you each person on your Page, which is shown by their permissions.

·    You can now have someone as an editor already; you can simply change them to admin just by clicking on the edit option.

·    When you do click on edit, a drop-down menu will appear, which will allow you to choose another role for that person.

·    And then, you can re-add them to your Page.

·    Now, you can remove people from your Page.

On Desktop

·    First of all, you must launch the web browser on your computer

·    Now, you should access the Facebook site

·    And then, you must go to the Page to which you want to add an admin

·    Now, you move toward the left sidebar; you must select the settings

·    And then, you must click on page roles

·    Now, you will see an assign a new page role section, which is located at the right

·    Then, you must click on the text field, and then you type the name or email address bar of the user

·    Then you should click on the drop-down menu, and then you must choose the admin option

·    And then you must click on the add button

·    Then a chosen user will also receive an invitation in order to become an admin of your Page

·    And then you can simply accept it

·    Now, you can instantly remove an admin; you must click on the edit, which is next to their name on the page roles screen

·    You must choose the remove option

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